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  • Webinar on Persuasive Communication
    Webinar on Persuasive Communication
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    Online Event
    Time is TBD
    Online Event
    Time is TBD
    Online Event
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10 Powerful & Easy Public Speaking Tips!

1. Know & research you Audience, Venue and Speech Timing

2. Think, Write and Refine your speech based on the objectives

3. Create a clear and specific Title or Topic

4. Articulate a message in your overall story structured with a speech opening, body, and conclusion

5. Add facts, statistics or relevant examples & quotes

6. Practice with Friends, Family, Partner

7. Time your speech & avoid memorizing it

8. Make use of body gestures as well as add Enthusiasm

9. Use Vocal Variety and short pauses as applicable

10. Have an impactful opening and closing to engage your Audience

To get the RESULTS you want, you must:

SPEAK with confidence

LEAD with a message in your story  

INSPIRE your audience

TRANSFORM your overall speech to be insightful and actionable for success

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