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The 3 Rs to Customer Success

Re: a prefix used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition.

When it comes to customer success and customer experience, words containing the prefix “re” often come up in conversations and strategies. The 3 Pillars for Customer Success are:

1. Revenue – Revenue is the result of Customer Relationship and Retention. It’s a direct outcome of how we drive Customer success initiatives aligned to our customer objectives.

2. Relationship Growth – it is nearly impossible to have a strong customer retention rate without cultivating strong relationships with clients. The foundation to a strong relationship is built upon understanding what your client’s value and delivering best-in-class service, support, reliability, quality, communication, and improvements.

3. Retention – customer retention refers to the activities and actions a company takes to reduce customer attrition rates. The obvious goal is to retain as many customers as possible and this is often done through various initiatives.

One way to incorporate each of the 3 R’s is by running internal customer success & experience initiatives. The primary goal of this initiative is to understand and align Customer success initiatives based off the Customer’s business objectives thereby creating a win-win situation resulting in value creating and customer attrition avoidance.

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